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United States Warrior Package

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The United States Warrior Package contains:

-The OCP Portraits

2 - 8" x 10"
2 - 5" x 7"
- 3" x 5"
8 - Large Wallet sized prints

-My Fort Benning Warrior Graphic Print 8" x 10" features your Soldier In Training in his/her OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) uniform accompanied by The ARMY logo, Fort Benning Logo, and your soldier's Company/Unit and Graduation Date.

*Enter your Soldier's name as you would like it to be displayed on the My Fort Benning Warrior Graphic Print using the provided fields. "First Line" field refers to characters placed on top line under the portrait. "Second Line" field refers to characters placed on bottom line under the portrait. On the product example, "Robert" was entered in the First Line field and "Staffanson" was entered in the Second Line field. We will print the name exactly how it is entered in these fields. We will print the name and grad date exactly how they are submitted with your order.

-The Unit Group Photo Graphic Print 8" x 10" is a customized keepsake that features your U.S. Army Soldier standing tall and proud with their comrades in arms printed with Company, Unit, Platoon Number, Platoon Name, Platoon Coat of Arms, and "Fort Benning" headline. A lasting memory of the brave men and women who transformed from Recruit to U.S. Army Soldier side-by-side each grueling day with your loved one in BCT at Fort Benning. *Graphic overlays can vary from displayed example for some units. Due to scheduling, this print may arrive separately and at a later date than the rest of your order.

-2-Fort Benning Georgia 4" x 6" Border Prints showcasing your Soldier In Training OCP Portrait with a bottom border representing Fort Benning's official logo and Coat of Arms.

-1-Soldier's Family Prayer 2" x 6" Bookmarks featuring your SIT's OCP Portrait on top of a Prayer that emphasizes the importance of our Soldier's duty, their courage, and the blessing we ask for to keep them safe in battle so they return home to us safely.

Please Note:   If you purchase a package that contains the Recruit Training Slideshow USB Flash Drive or the Unit Group Photo, you may receive these products in a separate package and at a later date than the rest of the prints in your order. 



Please enter only one Soldier/Unit per order.

To download photos of your SIT's unit in action while training at Fort Benning, Georgia, visit our Military Action website at BasicTrainingPhotos.com.